Massage instead antipregnancy pills


How many scientists had to work on the creation of contraception, such as condoms and contraceptives of all kinds, tablets, ointments, sprays.

There are so many different types of contraception available – condoms, the pill, the patch, the vaginal contraceptive ring and other birth … No method of birth control is 100% effective. …

Realizing the urgency and complexity of the problem, standing for all countries of the world, medical researchers, do not stop to look for a more effective, safe, easily implementable and more natural ways to solve this problem, excluding any damage to the physical and mental health.

- You have problems with hormonal methods of contraception …

Hormonal contraception refers to birth control methods that act on the endocrine system. Almost all methods are composed of steroid hormones.

Methods work by suppressing ovulation and thickening cervical mucus; methods reduce the frequency of ovulation, of certain side effects  for example, breakthrough bleeding.

Certain serious complications occasionally caused by estrogen-containing contraceptives are not believed to be caused by progestogen-only formulations: deep vein thrombosis is one example of this.

- Or If you’re a woman of childbearing age, almost any time you have sex without using contraception there is a chance you might get pregnant.

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Contraception without hormones

The method of birth control, shown below, most closely associated with the treatment method of facial diagnosis and control of therapy based on the natural and effective ways to prevent and treat diseases that are available to the patient.

It is very simple, accessible to everyone and does not require any cost. Belief in success and perseverance in its application are extremely important factors. If you do not believe it and stop the recommended procedure, or execute them by half, and then stop, then in that case it is difficult to expect a good result.

This method of contraception is the following: immediately before and immediately after sexual intercourse, we recommend that women over ten minutes to massage a light stroking, as shown in the figures, the nose (the tip of the nose and nostrils), the upper and lower lips. Each of these places should be massaged on the average eighty one times until the sensation of heat. Massage can be just made
​​partner. Please note that the nose should be massaged from the bottom up, rather than vice versa.


What are the scientific principles of this method, the mechanism of action?
According to the theory of facial diagnosis and control of therapy, nose and lips are areas that are closely related to the uterus and ovaries. Therefore, massage these areas causes the change in the internal environment in the female genital organs. In other words, by acting on these areas, we destabilize this internal environment. If the internal environment in the uterus and ovaries are not stable conditions for fertilization complicated. As the men’s sperm - are living organisms, they need a stable living environment, favorable for them, which is the only possibility of their existence and functional activity. Constant and strong irritating effect on the egg shell through the uterine wall and leads to the destruction of the egg, which in turn prevents conception.


Massage nose and lips as described above, causes the secretions of the vagina, uterine and stimulates the ovaries. Therefore massage nose and lips can be used as a means for stimulating sexual desire, enhancing genital blood flow in women, i.e. using such massage treatment may frigidity, secretion disorders of the vagina and other functional disorders of the reproductive organs.
In such a simple solution to the problem of birth control is difficult to believe, but the effectiveness of the method is proved in practice. Is not the truth in simplicity?
People in our world are constantly striving for something complex and far, and the truth is, when it appears right before your eyes, is rarely taken into account, and easily discarded.
So, try it. Little faith in the success of a little perseverance and diligence, and you will achieve great results.
The method does not use any drugs, we just need to put some effort at some point.
Please note: if for any reason the upper lip was swollen and massaging it can not, it is advisable to massage the eyebrows, since this area is projected proboscis of ovule.

Massage, contraception without hormones

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